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This font is a modernised revival of a great primer by the French punchcutter and printer Simon de Colines. Like any revival the question of how big should the place of personal liberty and interpretation be had to be answered. I first tried to stay very faithful to the original lettershapes, making them just a bit more pointy and geometric. Afterwards I wanted to give this font a little more personality and as it so happened I was reading Witches hunted appropriated empowered queered while working on the typeface, a book which gathers essays and testimonies around the topic of historical links between the figure of the witch and feminist and LGBTQ activism. I thought to myself that since I was myself a woman bringing up to date the work of a man, thus the said work was going through a process of feminization. Simon de Colines then becomes Simone and Simone in the French History it’s Simone Weil, Simone de Beauvoir and Simone Veil. In short there is certainly no surname more associated with feminist activism. That’s why I wanted to give a “witch” feeling to this typeface; in order to do so I added pointy tails and terminals and elements which become thinner before reaching the stem.